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Sendero by Max Tomlinson, First Chapter

May 2, 2012

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one 1987— Huañin, Peru The day the soldiers came, Nina was with her brother, sowing potatoes on terraces the Incas had built. She remembered thick clouds, heavy with moisture, roiling up over the jagged Andean peaks. It was colder than usual, and her bare feet had grown numb in the furrows as she followed Miguel […]

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Ambril’s Tale, the Return of the Dullaith by Wendy Walter

January 5, 2012


Chapter 1 Of Chicken Legs and Bad Breath   Ambril awoke with a start. The last thing she remembered was the chicken-legged monster bending over her. She was pretty sure that had been after the tree ate the one with breath so bad it had nearly melted her fingernails, but she couldn’t be sure. Too […]

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