Why a Tribe

November 17, 2012

Indie Pen Tribe

Why a Tribe

A few days after publishing my first book, I had an odd dream. There I was in a tiny row boat trying to navigate between a deadly black hole (the traditional publishing industry) and a flailing sea monster (the new publishing world).  The going was rough and I was nearly swamped several times. Then I topped a wave and spied dozens of other writers in small boats apparently in the same predicament I was in. My immediate thought was, why are we struggling on alone? Was there a way that we could join forces and make the going easier? Could we figure out a way to work together and learn how to market and publicize our books more effectively?

The Indie Pen Tribe is an attempt to do just that.
Here are a few things I’d like to accomplish as a group:

  • Come up with a road map to publishing, with a countdown to launch date (There is a system to it, a right way and a wrong way).
  • Research and review on-line printer-distributors, small press and traditional publishing houses.
  • Form “Writer Cells” (they’re like terrorist cells, except without the whole plotting to take out the world thing). Small groups of writers who encourage one another and hold each other accountable for their weekly marketing/publicizing tasks.
  • Hold Social Media Workshops (facebook, twitter, linked-in); GoodReads and Shelfari Workshops; Graphic Design and Blogging Workshops.
  • Hold Blog Tours to promote interest and exposure of all our blogs.
  • Actively encourage each other’s events, blog posts and accomplishments.
  • Brainstorm ideas to market and publicize individual books/ authors.
  • Give only good reviews and encouragement to fellow Tribers, no negativity allowed.

I’ve a hunch that it will be a lot more fun and much less intimidating if we work through these issues together. Stay tuned! If you’re interested in forming a Writer’s Cell, please comment and leave your email.


Wendy Walter
Warrior Princess, Indie Pen Tribe


One Comment on “Why a Tribe”

  1. M. J. Miller Says:

    This sounds like a practical and possibly fun way BUT for me, I want to write, not market. Do you know anyone who does submissions and markets for writers? M. J. Miller. Mj4tennis@gmail.com. Thanks,


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